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Project Owners and Contractors

Construction projects including buildings, infrastructure and industrial facilities start with planning, financing, and design and continue until the asset is built and ready to use. They also cover repairs and maintenance work to expand, extend and improve an asset, and its eventual demolition, dismantling or decommissioning. 

The construction contract captures these projects and is a legally binding agreement that recognizes and governs the rights and duties of the parties to the agreement. When the understandings between the parties go offside it is of mutual interest to expedite a fair resolution and to maintain timelines.

CRS augments Contractor or Project Owner internal resources as a cost-effective neutral third party to assist with contract, recovery or claims management in the pre-tender, pre-construction, or project execution phases.


Lawyers and Accountants

Construction incidents and claims can be technically complex and require an assessment leading to a simplified summary reporting identifying the cause and effect. If the file advances to a formal dispute or litigation then the process becomes time-consuming, protracted, and costly and disruptive to senior management and operations.

Lawyers and accountants are the most cost-efficient when they are presented with organized and structured files. CRS uses a systematic analytical approach to outline the facts, identify the issues, quantify the cost impacts, and provide an impartial opinion on the merits and entitlement of related claims.

CRS reporting facilitates the drafting of Notices and Statements of Claim, Defenses and Counterclaims, Affidavits of Documents supported by detailed timeline records of events and communications, technical questions for Examinations for Discovery, replies to undertakings, and settlement proposals for ADR.

Insurance Companies and Sureties

When projects incur an accident or a default, experienced professionals are required to contain the damages and manage a recovery plan.


Project Insurance covering property damage and builder's risk comes into play and claims are effectively managed through Adjusters adhering to policy coverage, limits, and exclusions. The latter creates challenges and complications for the stakeholders to protect their financial interests. CRS augments the Policy Owner’s internal resources as a specialized and cost-effective resource to assist with repair, recovery, and claims management.

Construction Surety Bonds are legal guarantees that provide financial protection in the event of contractor defaults on a job related to performance, payment, or post project maintenance. The stakeholders include the insurance company (Surety), the hiring party (Obligee) and the contractor (Principal). Often notices of default can be intermingled with constructions claims.


CRS takes an analytical approach to outline the facts and to identify the issues and provides an impartial opinion on the merits and entitlement of the claiming stakeholders.

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