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Incident & Recovery Management

Light at the end of the tunnel


Unexpected challenges and adverse circumstances can and will happen during the execution of construction work. Whether these incidents relate to changed conditions, delays, cost overruns, defaults, accidents with property damage or other non-controllable factors, CRS can provide valuable resources to identify the root cause and to support recovery management.

The services provided by CRS include organizing files and records information, cost analysis, assistance with developing remedial action plans, and assessment of exposure (risk of non-recovery).

For troubled projects, typical incident and recovery analysis may include:

  • Project progress and earned value

  • Inspections and non-conformances

  • Changes in scope and site conditions

  • Planned versus actual schedule tracking and disruptions

  • Impact of changes and delays 

  • Project deficiencies

  • The recovery plan and monitoring

  • Preparation of outgoing claims and quantification of costs

  • Review of incoming claims and preparation for response

  • Support for negotiations among stakeholders

  • Report generation for ADR and litigation procedures


CRS can augment stakeholder internal resources to validate and quantify cost impacts and assist in presenting them in a clear, well-reasoned manner designed to achieve optimum and timely recovery.

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