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Independent Assessment & Audit

Information can be power


Valuable insight can be gained by a third-party assessment of unfavourable project results. CRS can act as a resource to identify and validate the cause and cost impact. The process involves the audit of project files and records with a focus on analyzing contributory responsibilities to provide an impartial report on the merits and entitlement of possible related claims.

We advocate disciplined project management documentation, with a strategy of assuming every project might end up with disputes or in court and with the goal of not letting this happen. CRS can advise stakeholders on methods and project controls to support this philosophy, and how to manage the project within contractual terms and conditions to maintain recovery entitlement or as a defence to claims.

Dispute resolution and litigation are costly and lengthy processes that often have a detrimental impact on future business relations between the parties. CRS can provide an independent assessment of matters in dispute and can simplify complicated technical issues to assist in a resolution.

Whether it be a performance analysis during project execution or a post-contract forensic exercise, an independent CRS assessment provides project stakeholders and decision-makers with the information that is essential to determine what are the next steps or options to be deployed for commercial objectives to be achieved.

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