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Project and Contract Management

Every project is unique


Construction projects vary in complexity. Design-Build contracts respond to an owner’s statement of requirements whereas Plan and Specification contracts respond to completed engineering and construction drawings, and there is often a hybrid of both types involving a matrix of service providers.

Risk analysis is essential to establish acceptable commercial terms and to effectively manage them. At CRS, we can perform pre-bid and pre-construction reviews on contractual obligations leading to a clear division of responsibilities (DOR) among owners, engineers, vendors, contractors, and other parties to establish a framework for effective project controls.

Construction projects are driven by the fundamentals of the scope of work (SOW), price and schedule and must be managed under the general and supplementary terms of the contract. These delineate the commercial responsibilities and liabilities among the project stakeholders. 

CRS services focus on identifying exposures and areas of risk and on making recommendations for proactive measures to avoid issues including problematic terms and conditions (T&C).

Project pre-tender phase

CRS can provide an independent resource for clients to organize defined scopes of work, assist in developing tender packages, and identify gaps in the SOW and DOR with recommendations for resolution.

Project pre-construction phase

CRS can provide a third-party review with project management to ensure a systematic approach is taken that follows quality assurance principles. Fundamental to this exercise is a contract review of tender versus released for construction contract drawings, specifications, and T&Cs.

Project execution phase

CRS can provide a third-party resource to project management teams that verifies a framework has been established to identify key indicators for project performance and that systems are in place to monitor them. This includes document control and timely, accurate and concise project reporting. The procedures also must address management and valuation of changes in the SOW and that deliverables are compliant with stated requirements.

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